Catastrophic Chey I'm 21 years young.
And I am now free.
But I'm also LIVE as can be.
Writing saves me.
It keeps me sane.

Marilyn Monroe represents all that's fabulous.
Salvador Dali represents all that's creative.
And Kid Cudi represents all that's truly real in this WORLD of ours.

I love BASS in my FACE.
Glitter & Rhinestones.
Dancing hard.
and my seafoam green.
Life. Truth.

You are the worst part of me. And it’s making me sick, killing me.




who i pray to..

why is skrillex in jesus’s spot? like really though… =/ 

^ that’s what I was wondering, armin van buuren should be there

All I could think was SKRILLEX IS NOT THE BEST, THE LEADER, THE JESUS of Edm. Fuck you Sonny.

Sometimes I’m a #messy #mess but I love me (Taken with Instagram)

There will finally be a point where I do throw in the towel & move on. It’s just a matter of when. So this is 8.18.12 & I’ll see how long it takes me to FINALLY give up on you


everyday is a #blessing to be #married #armylife #armywife #tacoma #253 (Taken with Instagram)

got that #TEXASFLAG up thanks to @jazmynjessica for my gift #TEXAS in Washington. Making the #SOUTH come alive in #pnw #Tacoma #254 in the #253 (Taken with Instagram)

#cowboyburger #foodporn

my textgram to my loves tonight.

back to the gym I go :(

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